Privacy Policy

OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd respects our customers privacy and we want you to know that we take the storage of your sensitive information seriously. Our privacy Policy is below and details what information is collected, how collected information is stored and how the stored information is used. If you have any questions please contact our privacy team at


This document will outline how OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd will use, collect and store personal information and why this information is collected.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal information is collected by OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd through the use of forms on our websites, paper forms delivered by mail, phone calls and email communication.

Reason for Data Collection

Personal information is collected for the purpose of being able to provision a product or service that a customer or client has placed an order for or for the purpose of collecting analytical data to improve our products and services in the future.

Disclosure of Collected Data

Personal information is not shared with anyone outside of OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd unless you have ordered a product that is provided through a third party organisation. Products that may require your details to be forwarded to an external agency include; Domain Names, Google Apps and SSL Certificates. Data may also be shared with law enforcement agencies when a legitimate and legal request for data has been made.

Which Data is Collected

OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd may be required to collect details including but not limited to the following; you full name, phone number, mobile number, email address, postal address, business name (where applicable), payment details such as credit card information and other miscellaneous information depending on which product or service has been ordered or what the purpose of data collection is for.

Keeping Data Accurate

It is a requirement that we keep accurate and up to date records of our customers and to help enable this we have a customer portal that you are able to login to and update all your information. For security reasons some details may be locked to increase security, should you wish to change those locked details please submit a support ticket to accounts who will then be able to update any details you need.

Where your personal information has changed you agree that you will update your information within 30 days of the data changing where reasonably possible.

Storage and Security of Data

All information that is collected is stored in a database on our network. To increase security details such as passwords and credit card information are encrypted and cannot be reversed by any of our staff.

All information you submit via online forms in our customer portal is transmitted over an encrypted connection so while your personal information is in transit third parties can’t read it. Once on our server only select employees have access to your details and the database that stores these details. Our servers utilise industry standard defences to help reduce the chances of a network breach.

Access of Data

Personal information cannot be viewed by any person or organisation outside of OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd or any relevant third-party service providers without a signed authorisation letter by you that allows the release of such information. As the owner of the data you are legally entitled to have access to the data when required.

Restriction of Data

Access to personal information may be denied in cases where it relates to a court case and the information would not be accessible in discovery, it relates to an ongoing police investigation, we have been instructed to deny access by a law enforcement agency or under commonwealth law we are not required to provide access to the data we have collected from you.

Duration of Data Storage

Personal information collected by OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd will be stored while a service remains active, and will extend for a such a period as required by law. Information that is no longer required will be securely erased from our systems.

Unauthorised Access and Sharing of Data

In the event of a data breach, you agree that OnePoint Digital Pty Ltd will not be held liable for the unauthorised access or sharing of data. Where the unauthorised access occurred as a result beyond our control, such as but not limited to computer hacking or other illegal method, we shall not be held liable.